Monday, July 9, 2012

Rangoli Fish Jubilee

                How appropriate that I would paint fish in a rangoli! I was quite taken with this design and it went rapidly after I started it. I love the bright beautiful colors that reflect my thoughts of living on the eastern shore.
                      Our coastline here alsong the Mobile Bay is one of two places in the world that has a phenomenon known as Jubilee. The other place is off the coast of Africa, I think. Back to our jubilee here. Jubilees are caused by  a number of factors coming into play. Temperature of the air, water temperature, and  an eastern breeze are what is required to cause a jubilee. The locals know what to look for, and start gathering up their buckets, gigs, nets and lights.
                        When the jubilee occurs, the cry goes out along the coast, and if you are very lucky, someone calls you and informs you of the happening which usually occurs in the middle of the night. Creatures of all types come rushing to the shoreline, starved for oxygen. Everyone scoops up buckets of crabs, flounder, and fish of several types while avoiding the eels that join into the fray.
                       I have yet to experience one of these events, but hope to join in on one this summer, primarily to photograph the people and their catches.
 Rangoli Fish Jubilee 8x8 Acrylic on canvas.

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