Saturday, August 16, 2014

She Sells Sea Shells

      This week has been interesting to say the least! Frantic sewing, set designs for church (to be constructed next week), furniture re-design and painting! These two beautiful shells are part of the collection that will be with a table I am donating to Habitat for Humanity and their fundraiser in September at Oak Hollow Farm. They go with a table that has shells painted on it as well.
       These paintings are actually created on wooden cigar boxes! We have a local cigar shop here in Fairhope named Bouch's that gets a lot of empty boxes. Eventually, they have a sale and get rid of a few. I had noticed them a couple of weeks back out front, stacked high. Some of them are quite beautiful on their own, but I sanded these, removed the labels, and gave them a new coat of paint. The next day, I painted the shells on them. There are a total of six to go with the table and some of them have games inside them for entertainment at the house in which the set will hopefully find a home. I hope that they get a good price at the auction. My husband and daughter in law love them and think I should do more for sale at my upcoming shows. We shall see..........
       In the meantime, there's those furniture pieces we are re-habbing for the auction as well.
More on that later!

"Shell Collection" Acrylic on Wooden boxes. 8x8's, 10x10's, 8x16, 
Days 46, 47, 48 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings

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