Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Frequent Flier

The hardi bord series continues with "Frequent Flier"
I just adore painting turtles and this one will be able to hang outside!
It really has a nice resin finish as well, so it can be wiped off.
We still have to sand and drill before they will all be ready to sell.
I am ready for show season to begin, not necessarily because I'm finished painting, just ready to dance the dance with collectors!
First show this month, Jubilee Festival!
It's going to be held in Lott park this time, not on the street!
The booths will be ten feet apart and other precautions will be in place.
Looking forward to being there!

Today I went back to Mobile to get the paintings for Sophia's gift after they had been mounted.
They are gorgeous, and so flat! They will be very easy to scan and photograph now.
I also picked up the elastic from the museum that they generously purchased for me.
Then, I picked up a kennel we had loaned out, cleaned it and brought it into the house.
Getting gas, picking up poster boards for a church project, and making pillows for the kennel rounded out the afternoon.
It seems we have a geriatric dachshund that has decided the potty outside time is not enough and has started have midnight rendezvous with my kitchen floor.
She will be staying in the kennel, although I am certain there 
will be lots of protest barking from a very stubborn dachshund for the next few nights.
Here's hoping we all get some sleep tonight!

Tomorrow is the launch of a very big thing for me!
I'm hoping it does well for both me and the designer!

Frequent Flier, Acrylic on hardi bord, 11 x 14
Day 65 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2020


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