Thursday, September 10, 2009


This Raccoon shows how we felt after dealing with Government regulations. Because we will live in a 130 mph wind zone, we must have a roof that won't come off. DUH! The last thing I want during a major storm is to have my roof make a fast exit!
We have consulted with the Building Inspector for Fairhope (who by the way is great to work with!) He told me we needed a structural engineer to work up plans for the re~build. Keep in mind we still did not know if the building was sound enough to save. This week we contacted two engineers~one I don't think was happy that we were talking to another(I think he thought he had the job locked in!) They both told me the building was sound and the cracks I was concerned with were not going to be a problem. After getting engineering lessons from one, and much enthusiasm from the other, We are happily getting plans drawn up that use our original ideas to put a new block wall in back,(EXPANDING my studio by four feet! Hurrah!) We also will be putting a Porch all the way across the front of our little bungalow. This means we have all new construction to tie the roof on with!
This also means I am now in search of Masonry/Concrete workers. More phone calls...................
Raspberry 8 x 10 Oil on Gessobord SOLD

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