Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am wishing I was feeling serene right now. I am 1 week away from 5 weekends of shows ranging from Biloxi, Mississippi to Pensacola, Florida. I am still trying to create one painting a day, work on the house in Fairhope and run our local Daughters of the Nile chapter (I am president this year, an office I never would have taken on 3 years ago if I knew what my art career would do!).
Fortunately, the first show is here in Mobile and basically just a small forerunner to the big ones to follow. It will be a chance to work the bugs out of the show, wrap my head around travel, camping, set ups, break downs, selling, calculating, inventorying, talking, promoting, packing, unpacking, framing, mats, cutting mats, etc. etc. etc.......
I am getting tired just thinking about it all.
This is the life I have chosen~the life of an artist and I love it!
Serenity 5 x 7 Oil on Canvas SOLD

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