Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shell Series together at last!

I promised a picture of this grouping a long time ago so here it is. They really look nice together, don't they? I don't anticipate holding on to these for all of these shows. The whole set is priced at less than $400.00.
Speaking of not holding on to paintings. I have to report a delightful experience at the Holiday show this past weekend. My friend Susan, had invited several of her family members to come to her showing at the Holiday place. I had several conversations with her family members and her cousin bought one of my prints as a birthday present for his wife. Later in the day I had the delightful experience of meeting two of Susan's aunts, they are both treasures and I can see why she loves them so much! Later that afternoon, One of her aunts came back and inquired about "The Last Gasp of Summer" August 8th. After some small negotiating, and size inquiry, she bought the piece! I am so happy to see it have a home where it will apparently be loved. Susan explained why she thinks that her aunt bought the piece, it probably reminds her of summers spent on the water and her sons as well. You never know what will strike a chord with people and speak to them on an emotional level.
I must go for now, the paint awaits!

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