Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"The Standoff"

Who is going to let go first? I don't know do you? These crabs were fun as usual to paint.
This blog puts me on time for a change! I have also figured out how to print out the postings so I can have them for people to read at the shows. I just have to put them in a book. This painting is number 77! At least, I think it is! I am still enjoying the journey of painting, photographing, blogging, and figuring out new things to paint!
Who knew in this short amount of time so much would happen? The house is definitely putting a little pressure on me to continue with what I have started, but I know that some people are actually reading the blog and keeping up with my musings. I really appreciate those of you who read and aren't a "follower",I know you read them because you tell me you do! Thanks!
"The Standoff" Watercolor on Paper 15 x 20 SOLD

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  1. Hi Loran! I'm still reading, and I caught you on the TV show today at noon. Good job! The paintings looked great. The colors came across very well. They just needed to show more of them. Have a restful night. Jan