Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Just Watching" and "Magnificent"

     "Just watching" is from a photo taken of a blue heron. This bird was intently studying the water as it passed, waiting patiently for a meal to come to him. The current was rather swift, but he had his large feet planted carefully on the bottom. He was also quite healthy despite his lack of exercise, (most herons walk quietly along the waters edge, looking for the next meal.) Playing a game he had played many times before, peering into the depths, looking for the flash of fin or scale that would indicate a perfect snack. These creatures are always entertaining to watch, depending on their own personal style of hunting to fill their belly. Look carefully and you too may be enticed to spend a quiet morning or evening seeing these birds honing their skills.

     This painting is one of several birds to be coming off my easel in the next few days. My gallery, Fairhope Connections is encouraging the Participating artists to create works of art depicting birds for the month of October. We will be having the Birdfest yet again in our fair city the first weekend of October. It will be held in conjunction with the Grand Festival in downtown Fairhope, October being held on the 5th and 6th this year. The grand festival has been going on for years and is put on by the Eastern Shore Art Center. I have been juried in to this show and look forward to the new Friday and Saturday dates instead of Saturday and Sunday. We will also be open during Artwalk Friday night. This presents new challenges as artwalk is held in the evening and the booths have no electricity. I will be investing in some battery powered lights for the show, so come out and enjoy the evening!

"Just Watching" 16 x 16 Acrylic on canvas

     Magnificent is the perfect word to describe these beautiful creatures. Those of you that are familiar with my story know that I have a special connection with turtles. I was encouraged a few years back by a fellow artist friend, Tut Riddick to "Paint more Turtles" after she had seen one of my paintings in a show at the Mobile Museum of Art. That painting also spoke volumes to a collector that wanted it as soon as I placed it on the wall at a gallery I was in at the time. she asked me to remove it from my space and hold it. Her daughter had just gotten married and she really wanted the piece. She worked out a payment plan that very evening with me. She wanted it for her office, but he instead he graces her bedroom wall. This little guy is hardly what you call big enough to be considered a "sofa" painting. He is quite small compared to the majority of pieces I complete for the 100 days. It really does not lessen his impact as he stares intently from the canvas.

Magnificent Acrylic on canvas~5 x 7

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