Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Peaceful Waves

     Peaceful Waves was  part of a demonstration during the Painting a Day class at the Eastern Shore Art Center. The classes are in their third week, and I am still pushing this group to their limits. They are learning a great deal during class, but are struggling with the concept and execution. Some are not putting enough paint on the canvas, some too much, some are lifting paint off the canvas when they add another layer. There is lots of gnashing and whining going on during the class, but all are saying they are having fun and learning.

     Most of all, I have to keep telling them that I can give them everything I know, every brush I use, the paints, the mediums etc, but I cannot give them one thing. paint. Time..............making mistakes. Time........figuring out the mistakes and fixing them. Time.................behind their brush. The only thing that will make you a better painter is time behind a brush! Go home after your class you paid for and paint the same thing again! You may make mistakes, but you will learn how to figure them out. Dig yourself into a hole, then fill it back up and just plain PAINT, PAINT, PAINT! Only then will you improve and make yourself proud!

"Peaceful Waves" 24 x 24 Acrylic on canvas

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