Saturday, September 22, 2012

Silent Sentinel

     This turtle is another of the sepia series that is very popular with collectors. The paintings are all neutral in tone, on white backgrounds. Some of them are framed, but the majority are not giving you freedom to decorate as you please. Most people that come into my booths at the various festivals that I participate in don't want the piece framed. It either does not match their decor, their couch, or the size is all wrong. So I now choose to paint on primarily deep edge canvases. This way, there is nothing between you and the art. It also makes my life as an artist much easier and the art more affordable.

     There may be some changes coming soon to the blog as well. I am evolving as an artist and learning from a group I have joined. My head is positively swimming with the possibilities that could come from these changes in presentation. The presentation change will not be very noticeable, but hopefully I can become easier to find on the Internet. Those of you that have followed me for a few years, know that I have worked diligently to have a better presense on the web. These "changes" are going to be painless for you my followers, (and may actually make it easier to locate a particular piece of art!). However, I may have a permanent headache before it is all over!

    Silent Sentinel 6 x 12 Acrylic on canvas

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