Saturday, July 9, 2016

Big Blue

Today's post is another Blue crab of course! This one is a male. You ask how can you tell?  Most folks tell you that you have to turn them over and look at the bottom of the shell. From prior personal experience, this is something I don't want to do! (picking up a crab just as my husband told me how, it reached under and grabbed me with a vise grip mentality.)

I have not had a chance to research the validity of this claim....... 
I keep challenging people to look and report back to me. In my research about blue crabs, I discovered no less than two scientific websites that noted the color of the claws. 
Boys are blue, Girls are red. The girls paint their nails!

I really wish someone would test this and report back to me sooner rather than later!

Big Blue, Acrylic on canvas, 4 x 12 inches, Day 5 of the 100 days~100 paintings

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