Monday, July 25, 2016

Vintage Beach Again?Vintage Beach XII,XIII,XIV, XV

Vintage Beach  Again?
I'm afraid so! 

I have to create what I love as well as what seems to be in demand, so here we go!
I have changed the colors done previously, but the styles are there. The  plaques still need to be distressed, stained, and then varnished. The 70's one is completely new, the 1946 is a bikini designed by Reard. Reard once said a bikini is not a bikini unless it fits through a wedding band. The one with the palm trees was a Catalina, I painted it a different color as well. Kinda makes you want to think really hard at why the designers of the day were pushing the limits of just how small you could go. Part of it was the war effort, but I think they just wanted to see how much demand they could create. One suit even touted that it weighed 8 ozs and that it would fit in a matchbox!

I don't know about you, but I do know about me. I cannot wear something so small it barely covers my private areas. I want them to stay private, thank you very much!

Vintage Beach XII, XIII, XIV, XV
Acrylic on recycled wood panel, 8 x 10
Days 16, 17,18,  and 19

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