Thursday, July 7, 2016

Starting off on the wrong foot!

Today finds me already behind in posting. I had the painting done, but totally forgot to post it last night after church. So, today I have two to post. I am determined this year to be better about posting and painting, so hopefully this slip won't happen again! 
(NO promises though with the crazy artist life I lead here in Fairhope, Alabama!)

Yesterday found me teaching paddle boarding to a friend early in the morning. The water was slightly rough, but she did great! That is, until her legs got tired, the board got caught by a wave, and she hit the water. The only casualty was my paddle fortunately! (It snapped in half.) I am just extremely grateful she did not get cut or impaled by the sharp metal end. Crisis averted and fortunately my beloved husband handed me money for a replacement this morning. I now have a bright green one that should be visible for quite a distance.

Now back to the paintings......
The starfish was fun as usual to paint. I will never tire of painting them hopefully because they always sell. The octopus is one of many for this painting season. I have always had a grand time painting these fascinating creatures. We had an octopus for a brief time, (one night) in the Phillipines. My father caught it while diving and we were going to put it into our tank. Not knowing they are the best escape artists God ever created, we left him in a 5 gallon water jug with an air source. I named him Oscar and went to bed. Unfortunately, we found him dried up on the floor the next morning. My 7 year old mind was upset for days that we had allowed him to die in our care. He now has a memorial portrait done with tile in my bathroom at the Raccoon Retreat.

Starfish Acrylic on Canvas 4x4, Oscar Acrylic on canvas 4x4
Paintings 2 & 3 of the 100 days~100 paintings 2016

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