Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dizzy Dachshund!

If you really know our house, you know we have 5 dachshunds that call the Raccoon Retreat Studio home. We initially had 3 of our own, then when our daughter moved to India she tearfully left her two with us. We have Frida age 12 , Tut age 10, Trixie age 8, and Bandit and Divya age 4. Bandit and Divya are brother and sister and Trixie is their momma. Two are Black and Tan, Two are double dapple, and we have a red head. The dogs rule the house the majority of the time, and we most likely would not have it any other way! I am basically an automatic door opener for them when I am trying to work in the studio. One or more of them will come running into the studio and then run out, hoping I'll follow. Meal time is an adventure. Walking together is a mad dash until they settle, then I hope no one stops us for a photo. Car riding is also a must every day! (Chris started the car rides when I went to convention one year.)

Enough about us, on to the painting! This is a demonstration piece for the kiddos that I teach. I love this fun style and teach it frequently to kids because they love  the wild patterning. It is an adventure drawing out several dogs, cats, fish, horses, birds, and even a pig! I just smile when I see this expectant little creature waiting for the next grand event at our house, don't you?

Dizzy Dachshund! 16 x 20 Acrylic on canvas

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