Saturday, July 16, 2016

Vintage Beach VII

 Day 12! 
Summer is going by at hyper speed this year. 
Our pool is almost too hot to swim. The grass alternates between dying from the mole crickets and growing like hay that needs to be mowed. The summer rains have arrived, with almost daily deluges of vast amounts of water. I am hesitant about going out on the water on my paddle board because of lightning. Summer classes are in full swing, with classes already lining up for fall as well. I have three more weeks of teaching children during their summer break and then I have a breather before fall classes and shows begin.

Shows should be interesting, with Grand Festival being cancelled for this year. I am disappointed about this show being given the heave ho, but I understand.........I do it because it is local and lets me show my works to a wider audience. I still plan to do Jubilee, Daphne, Al end of September, National Shrimp Festival (on an end booth, so excited!) Gulf shores Al, October 13-16th, 
and Peter Anderson, Ocean Springs MS, November 5th and 6th. There are a couple of Christmas shows as well, more on that later! 

On to today's painting.
I love the happy yellow of this suit. It reminds me strongly of a suit my Mom designed while we were in the Philippines. Ours were similar to this, bright yellow with brass rings. Ours came to the center in a single ring in the middle over our stomach and two rings on the sides of our hips. It also had two rings on the side of the top and the neckline came up around our necks. They were open back, with a strap across the chest to hold the top. They were a very small bikini style because they were connected to 1 1/2 inch rings. They were made from double knit. Mine was exactly like moms except a smaller version. I remember standing beside her, sewing machine humming, eagerly anticipating the new suit that matched hers!

Vintage Beach VII , Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20
Day 12 of the 100 days~100 paintings

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