Friday, February 8, 2019

Airing out his wings

I left New Delhi airport last night on a flight from Delta airlines. This was after finding the airlines gate for Airitalia that Delta put me on for the first of my legs home. 
I had tried to check in earlier online to no avail. After several failed attempts to check in about 20 hours before flights, Bappa suggested I try closer to flight time, maybe 12 hours.
 That attempt failed as well. 
Check in at the airport then which is a whole nother  bit of craziness . New Delhi Ghandi airport was really busy last night with lots of people traveling. Delhi is a major hub, with people from around the world. First Bappa found me a cart as I could not handle my luggage alone without one. I then had to locate the gate for Airitalia. Once I found the line it was a waiting game. Internet problems aside, it took quite a while to get my luggage checked in and a boarding pass.
He kept looking at me and saying 2 minutes mam. 
One boarding pass?
Madame your other flights are through Delta, you will have to get other boarding passes in Rome.
I then had trouble locating security area. I got into another line, and waited again. I was glad I was there 4 hours before my flight!
In security I had to remove my boots, put electronic devices into a bin, bag, and carry onto conveyor belt. I am in a panic, because the line for ladies to go through is long, with a guard, sustained off area, and wand check. Once through my luggage and other things I was confronted by "Is this your bag madame? " yes
Unlock. I am struggling to get boots, passport, purse, scarf and other things, now I need a key. Fortunately I had my keys in a lanyard hooked to the handle of my purse. Unfortunately, it was tangled up with my nametag. I plopped the purse in the counter, unlocked the case only to have him rummaging through my last minute dirty laundry and 24 paintings. He located a splinters I bought for my daughter in law. Then holding the bubble wrapped piece up asked " What is this? " I replied spoon rest. " Spoon rest? Ceramic? "  Yes. He then waved me through security. I am left with a suitcase in complete disarray, I'm now warm and the scarf comes off. I hurriedly pack my case and head to passport check. Another long line, lots of people, this is much more fun when you're with someone! Finally get to passport check, questions, stamps  and I'm on my way. The gate is number 8 and it is a long way to walk at 130 am. I bought a bottled water along the way and found a seat. I then wanted to repack my carry on, removing the fire from my purse as it was heavy. After repacking, I went to relock my case.
No lanyard.
No lock.
They fell off, after security somewhere in the two miles I walked in the wee hours of the morning.
I messaged Chris, asked him to Google removing TSA locks.
I also remembered he might have an set of extra keys.I
I sat and started reading my bible.
Chris messaged me that he has keys.

By this time, a 3 hour wait is down to one
We start boarding at 350.
I managed to find my seat, get in and settled. 
8 hour flight ahead.
 I am not impressed with Airitalia.
 The seats are hard, the service is terrible, and trash was not picked up until after breakfast service. 

Upon landing, my next task was to locate a Delta ticket counter. I stood for a long time, staring at the board and could not find my flight. I decided to get in one of the trains and go to next terminal. I met a young lady that was looking for the same flight and needed boarding passes as well. We decided two are better than one. Problem was we had to go through security again! 
once through security, we still did not know where to go, other than terminal E. I googled the flight number and it gave me the gate number. We went to gate, fielded numerous questions, and got the boarding passes.
Now sitting at the gate, I have had a thought.
My baggage claim tickets are attached to my pass for Atlanta. 
Do I have to get luggage, recheck luggage, find gate, security, and passport exam all within an hour and a half in Atlanta.
Say it isn't so!

Airing out his wings, Acrylic on canvas, 4x24
Day 63 of the 100 days~100 paintings Spring 2019

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