Monday, February 4, 2019

Lionfish study III & IV

 Oh the challenges of being in a foreign country. In addition to navigation around, different foods (which I enjoy very much!), Language barriers ( Our daughter's Hindi was complemented by a local vendor), there is the problem with internet and phone.

Quite frequently here at the Banerjee home a call will come in. They will answer and say hello hello and there will no one there. The same person may call 5 or 6 times before
 finally making a connection. 
Then sometimes the call drops. 
This happens with both cell phones and landlines. The cell phones are  most of the issue, so many of them trying to be in use at the same time. Christina said at one time, the city removed 15,000 illegal towers from Delhi alone. 
Ah life as an expat in a foreign country she dearly loves.

Any way the long and the short of it is that my phone, being older especially does not like it here too much! Last night the fire I have also went haywire, and hence I have a two for one post today.

Today we had no helper for Neel so we went on an adventure with him. We waited until after his morning nap and we had our lunch. We then hit the road, going to Kahn market where we both got excellent chocolate desserts. Mine was cake, Christinas was an incredible triple layer cheesecake.
Neel was happy at first, sitting in my lap content.
Almost finished with our desserts, he began really losing his composure. We wrapped it up and took him to the car. Upon checking, we found the source of his
 displeasure was a dirty diaper.
A really dirty diaper if you know what I mean!
This began the adventure of changing a baby in the back seat of the car. He was at an angle and the sun was in his eyes. 
He doesn't like the Sun so he's kicking and turning. 
Christina down in the floorboard, working on the mess, me bent over from the outside of the car. I'm trying to keep his hands out of the way, as well as the sun out of his eyes. My purse formed a sun shade, and we finally got him cleaned up.
I picked him up, dropping his wubba pacifier on the
 ground in the process.
Christina scooped up the pacfier, and put it away in the diaper bag. I brought Neel around the other side of the car
 to put him in the car seat.
This put me in the line of constantly driving by traffic.
With the driver holding the door, cars honking as they passed, Christina and I buckled him in.

Then we headed to Lodi Garden. Lodi Garden is an incredible place, with lots of beautiful greenery, old tombs, temples, and flowers. 
We put Neel in the stroller, and started walking. Before long he was off to the land of nod.
We walked for 45 minutes, allowing a sleeping baby to sleep. When he awakened, we found a bench and gave him the bottle Christina made in the morning.
A delightful afternoon after all!

That's all for today.
It is almost 11pm here and I am ready for the land of nod myself!

Lionfish study III & IV, Acrylic on canvas, 
Days 60 & 61 of the 100 days 100 paintings Spring 2019

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