Saturday, February 2, 2019

Lionfish study II

The days seem to be going by faster now.
My time here is coming to a close in a few days, and it will be 
bittersweet going home.
It has been a good visit, seeing our daughter and son in law grow as parents. Our daughter is enjoying motherhood, and it fits her quite well. Our grandson is growing by leaps and bounds, finding his hands and feet, all while discovering with wide eyed wonder as much as he can about the world that surrounds him. His grandparents here love him a lot and judging by the smile on his face when he sees them, he returns their love.
All is well in the Banerjee household.

Today found me on a fabric hunt. I found it all right!
Sumita  (Christinas mother in law) took me back to a market where we had gone before. While I was searching for cotton silk for hats, I discovered a world of cotton that would blow a quilter or seamstress's mind and wallet . There were also about 15 shops in the same area all selling fabrics, lace, and trims. 
We only went in 3...
Fabric is generally inexpensive here, with the value of a dollar  being strong against the rupee still. Our dollar is about 70 rupees. With fabric about 350 per meter, that calculates to about 5 dollars. These fabrics are also about 60 inches wide.
The problem is making a selection from the vast array of colors, textures, and patterns. There are gorgeous silks, fabulous rayons, velvets, blends and cotton all under one roof. Or should I say floors. Three floors in most shops, each one having a dizzying array of carefully folded fabrics. If you admire something, the people start pulling out all sorts of offerings, unfolding and displaying them inviting you to touch and savor them with your fingers. I wanted so much more, but left after purchasing fabric for palazzo pants for both girls and myself. I also found fabric for our grandsons to have shirts with sharks on them. The fabric I picked for myself has shells combined with a pale green and pink. It will make a beautiful pair of  palazzo pants for myself. I found fabrics for a top and jacket as well for an outfit that will be stunning and artsy for shows.
I was a professional seamstress in a former life.
(Before car accident in 1993)
Now I sew primarily for my pleasure and sometimes for others!

I also painted today.
This was difficult because Chris may have found a camper light enough for our  van we bought last year to pull. We used whatsApp back and forth him sending photos and me asking questions. The guy that has it, bought it to restore but now has it for sale. My husband asked if he would trade for our gypsy wagon. The gentleman looked and liked what he saw, and it may or may not happen as a trade. I am excited because Chris is excited, although it will be an adventure getting it done before the end of March for show season! Chris wanted to wait for me to make a decision, because he knows how much I love the Gypsy Gal. I told him I trust his judgement and now I wait.
Why am I excited?
Because it is a Vintage tiny trailer!
My van can pull it!
Fingers crossed, and paint is flying here in India!

Lionfish study II, Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12
Day 58 of the 100 days~ 100 paintings Spring 2019

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