Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ghost Crabs July 4th & 5th

These Guys are just plain fun to paint! This pair completes days 4 & 5 of the 100 days of painting. I talked with Shelby Jones who is another artist with me in Cathedral Square Gallery in Mobile, Alabama. I told him of my "project" a painting a day for 100 days. He looked at me like I had three heads. Why! he exclaimed. I told him I took this challenge to myself to become a better Painter. The painting a day is challenging not only in finding something you are excited about painting, but the act of creating itself. I asked him how much he had painted lately He said that he had not painted for almost a year. I would absolutely feel suffocated if I went that long without creating! His work is amazingly detailed and beautiful to look at. I invited him to come over to my home on Tuesday evenings because that is when I have an open Studio. The open Studio gives me a chance to interact with other artists as well as receive their input on my most recent works. I also teach at that time. My students love the studio, and I love the interaction! By the way, I have had several conversations with other artists and have come to the conclusion that I am very lucky indeed. I actually have a studio in which to work! So many artists work off of their dining room table, desks, or someplace else that they have to pack up every day they create. I just want to say, Thank you to my husband of 30 plus years for giving me such a marvelous gift!

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