Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Raccoon Retreat

While house hunting recently I was reminded how quickly that animals can adapt to an environment. The house we were looking at is located in Fairhope and we hope to call it home ourselves. My husband and I have always loved the city when we visit and really would like to make a move to that part of the coast. It is loaded with old fashioned home town charm and has a thriving art community. This home that we hope to call ours is now inhabited by raccoons. The first day we walked around this house with it's roof caving in and wasps angrily humming about our heads, we noticed a furry body in the windowsill. I thought it might be a dead kitten, but then it breathed and as we stepped closer, the sleepy raccoon baby lifted it's head. I am mildly concerned about the mother and however many more babies may be inside. They look old enough to shoo out of the way, but I am certain that the damage they have done to the house is complete. We have already decided to gut the entire structure, down to the concrete block walls that were laid in 1955. I am getting premature though, we have not received notice that it really is ours. Here's hoping........................
Raccoon Retreat 14 x 18 Oil on canvas

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