Friday, July 3, 2009

Misty Morning Seagull

This 12 x 16 oil is a combination of pictures I took while on a photo "Safari" trip in Florida. Chris and I left on our adventure January 1st and arrived in St. Augustine Florida that evening. We took the bikes the next day and rode over the bridge to the fort where I caught this guy sunning himself. (Or was he begging?) Probably a little of both as it was a delightfully warm day on the East coast. This is day three of the painting a day and I think I like it! I realized with a jolt that I embarked on this painting a day adventure 100 days before the National Shrimp Festival in October. Last year, I sold several small paintings in 6 short weeks. I am hoping that I can achieve my goal of 100 paintings by October. By then, regular painting will have become a habit.

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