Monday, July 13, 2009

Incoming Tidal Pools

I love the water~especially the ocean. I would simply love to listen to waves lapping forever, gently lulling me to sleep. When I sit and stare at the patterns created by water, I am reminded of the endless beauty our planet holds. Everything around me inspires me to paint more and more!
This day found me at the museum surrounded by teens learning about the art that surrounds us on a daily basis. I taught both charcoal and oil painting, one absent of color, the other nothing but color! Both classes were delightful and a joy to teach. It is hard for me to leave my students after classes are completed. I want to know if they are successful, if they are still creating, or was it just some class their parents put them into to keep them busy during the long hot summer. This group does not seem to be the latter, they are eager to play in the mediums we provide, even if they stain their hands.
This evening brought more learning by adults in my USA class. I am always amazed at how much the paintings differ from each other even though we start out the same! I also hope they continue on with their painting, practice is really whats makes the class effective. I really love it when they come back the next week and tell me they worked on their piece more!

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