Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ruler of the Pier

We've all seen them, the pelican that is so bold as to steal the fish off your hook. This guy is one I visited a few days ago with his friends. He was so interesting, I decided to make him a painting of his own.
I enjoy painting theses birds because I am really happy about the comeback they have made since DDT nearly wiped them out in the 70's. When we came home to Alabama in 1976 their numbers were not so plentiful. I thoroughly enjoy watching them fly in their long silent formations along the water. There is also nothing to compare them with when they steal alongside your sailboat in the Bay, seemingly challenging you to a race, and then silently laughing at you and the crew as they leave you in their dust!
It is hard to believe that I have completed 25 paintings so far! The time has passed so quickly and my studio is becoming overrun by the many canvases I have drying!
This painting of "Ruler of the Pier" is in oil 12 X 24.

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