Friday, July 31, 2009

Beach Dreaming

I am dreaming of sunshine and the beach so here is today's post. The rain seems to have been non-stop for days on end and it has me wanting to act like a lemur and sun myself.
I worked with my watercolor students on this as a demonstration of masking and wood grain texture lesson. Our class together is almost over and as usual, I am sorry to see them go. I always wonder if they continue on with their painting, or was it just a flash in the pan. Did I teach them all they wanted to know? Did I peek their curiosity enough to get them to continue learning? Did I encourage them to make mistakes on their own, then figure out how to get out of the problem?. I try my best to encourage them to think and do on their own and grow as an artist. I've always found the best way for me to learn was to work by myself and make mistakes then dig myself out of the hole I had made. I will constantly continue to learn, from my students, my books, my friends, and experimentation in my own studio.

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