Saturday, August 1, 2009


In case you have not realized, I adore the sea.
It all began with living in the Philippines and was strengthened by watching the Undersea World of Jacques' Cousteau. The undersea program was the only one I was allowed to stay up late and watch on a school night. My mother and father were both divers and I longed to be with them. The program gave me a chance to be underwater with divers and made me ever mindful of our impact on this planet. I wonder what Cousteau would say about the Great Pacific Basin and the tragedy unfolding before us with our wasteful ways. (It is a sea of plastic some 150 miles off the coast of California) Every piece of plastic ever manufactured on this earth is still here in some form or another.

This painting is about bonding, the bonding that occurs between mother and baby and the beautiful way these gentle giants guide their young to the surface for air. I hope to see them in person some day even if I am only snorkeling.
Humpback Mother and Baby "Bonding" 30 x 30 Oil on canvas.

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