Sunday, August 2, 2009

See the Seahorse Mommy!

I am in absolute awe of people that can find something in nothing and one of my favorite artists that does just that is
 I absolutely love his work and hope to collect one someday. His work is 'found' art. Objects d' Art that make the ordinary extraordinary. I enjoy looking at all the details that he puts into his work. He takes something that would ordinarily be thrown away and makes it into something wonderful. Bird heads from driftwood, old "Billy Bass" recordings that are hysterical in their use, angels from rusted bits of metal, and farm implements you never could imagine could be what they become. His work is on
My husband and I seem to be moving soon in another direction as well, across the bay to the beautiful city of Fairhope. We have "found" an object (a house) and hope to make it our own Object d' Art and home in a short period of time.
"See the Seahorse Mommy" Oil 11 x 14 is a painting of one of Bruce Larsen's pieces that overlooks the bay in a public park. Children are fascinated by it and in reality, I am as well.

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