Monday, August 17, 2009

Reminds me of a Quilt!

This is the second in the series of shells along our coast. Rare to find, they are more common in Florida than here in Alabama.
My husband and I spent the day going to get engineered plans for our little 'project' house. We are both feeling a bit on the daunted side, with all the permits and permissions. My brother also told us that 30,000 may barely be enough to rehab the house. We will press on, but the gloomy day matched our mood perfectly. We had a tropical storm hit nearby in Florida and Claudette's remnants came over us this afternoon.
I am reminded of a saying that a friend sent to me that is in my studio.~ When you come to the edge of the darkness, and must take another step, know that one of two things will happen, either you are going to fall, or you 're gonna fly!
Hopefully we will fly soon on this house we hope to call home!
Reminds me of a Quilt 5 x 5 watercolor on board.

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