Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a Glass of Wine Please!

This painting is another of my demonstrations done in class. It was done in 15 minutes in response to how do you paint glass? My students often throw me curves like this when I am teaching. I try to give a response that is more than a quick answer, but also does not take up the whole lesson time if we are working on a painting together.
I cannot emphasize enough the gift of time to give yourself in painting and making mistakes on your own. It is hands down the best way to learn! I made numerous mistakes while I was learning and taught myself a great deal in the process. I also advise anyone to take lessons under numerous instructors, each one has something for you take away and tuck into your learning box.....Best of all, just PAINT! Repeat the same painting with different colors, paint another bunch of grapes, paint another sky, go get books from the library, get frustrated and throw a few away. The more you paint, the faster you learn!
Just a Glass of Wine Please! is 8 x 10 Oil on canvas board. SOLD

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