Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sand Dollar,Sand Dollar~who's got the Sand Dollar?

My parents tell me there used to be Sand Dollars on the beaches by the Thousands. It is indeed rare to find one whole these days while walking on the beaches of our coast. My daughter and her then Fiance' went to the Gulf during our son's wedding last year and found several baby ones. When they are very small, they are a beautiful pale green. It is only when they get older that you see them in their white form, and then only after they die and are washed toward the beach. They normally are so close to the color of the sand it is very hard to spot them! Curiously most of the ones that you may find are indeed dead. If you happen to find one with the fuzzy edges, put it back because it is still alive and well.
Sand Dollar,Sand Dollar~who's got the Sand Dollar? Watercolor on board 5 x 5 part of a series of 9 paintings of shells along our coast.

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