Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is day four of the shells. I am really enjoying these paintings and the group is going to look spectacular together! The group is a total of 9 paintings, 3 are 8 x 10's and the other 6 are 5 x 5's
They are all in black frames which show off the colors of the shells beautifully. I am looking forward to displaying them as a group to photograph them. I may get them put into giclee's so we can have them all on a single print together. I don't know if I can afford the setup though, I would probably have to pay to shoot each one and then to put them into a single print.
Maybe since I've made friends with my computer I can scan them instead of photographing them!
We'll see, the computer is acting real funny these days! (Not enough memory~I think! Hey that sounds like a lot of us doesn't it?)
Scallop 5 x 5 Watercolor on Claybord

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