Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thinking of Monet

I finished this watercolor during my class tonight while in my studio. It was a delightful time, playing with the colors and pushing the water while instructing at the same time. I would get a few brush strokes in, help one of my students, examine it from a distance, and add a little here and there.

We found out today that the Raccoon Retreat will be ours! The adventure begins with a complete gutting of the interior. There are a few things I may try to save out of the house, not the least of which is a beautiful four poster bed frame. Right now, it is covered in mildew and rather forlorn looking. I am hoping to clean it, and give it new life in our home as a guest bedroom piece. The road ahead of us is going to be a lot of sweat equity to empty out the house, drop the roof down and load the dumpsters with all the junk and mushy, moldy ceiling tiles. Chris also seems to think there is carpet underneath all the water. We have started the next page in our lives with an investment in our new favorite part of the world.
Fairhope here we come!

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