Sunday, August 9, 2009

Setting a Course

Those of you familiar with my husband and I know that we are sailors. I photographed this boat, (Fat Cat) just as he came out from under the Dog River Bridge. It was about 6:30 the morning of the Dauphin Island Race. The wind caught him right after he sailed under the bridge and caused him to heel slightly to port. It was a glorious morning and I got lots of shots before I had to go to another appointment that day. Our son took us out in his boat so I could catch the boats as they were getting ready for the race. The morning was rather foggy and the larger original painting called "Course to Victory" is on a full sheet of watercolor paper. This one has a lot more clouds and color added. I may paint him in Oil one day as well.
"Setting a Course" watercolor 15 x 20

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