Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Last Gasp of Summer

I photographed these guys at the National Shrimp Festival 2007. It was my first year at the Festival and Chris and I were people watching. I spotted the threesome chatting and laughing with each other and scrambled to get my camera. My husband was confused and asked what was wrong, I said no time to explain and rushed out the back of the tent with my 35 mm. I caught them as they passed, while jockeying for position to get the shot. There was a police officer that kept getting in the way, but I ended up with a couple of pictures. I did not know if they were good at the time, because I still had just a 35mm (I have since gone digital thanks to a very thoughtful spouse)
These guys reminded me of myself toting a 10 ft surfboard as a teenager to go catch the waves. I was really amazed to see them in shorts, flip flops, and shirtless as this show is in October! Our coastal weather is glorious, allowing us nearly year round swimming and surfing while having to wear a wetsuit only in the colder months. I myself have swum laps in an outdoor unheated pool in April. The colder months are usually Christmas and Mardi Gras anyway so who wants to surf then!
The Last Gasp of Summer is 30 x 30 oil on canvas. SOLD

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