Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking for a meal

This guy was our subject in the USA Oil class. We learned water sand, reflections and of course the bird! The students all seem to understand the concept of painting all of the above and realize that most of them just need time behind a brush. I keep telling them that is the best gift you can give yourself, time.
That most of all is what I am getting out of this adventure. Time behind the brush. The paintings are coming even more rapidly now, almost like they are painting themselves. The downloading is a snap and cropping comes with great ease. I am really happy that I started this adventure!
When someone asks me how do you know what to paint? It is so easy! The paintings in my mind are now coming to pass, I only hope I have enough room to dry them all!. This show season will be so colorful, vibrant, playful and fun!

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