Saturday, July 23, 2011

Across the Bridge

This painting was much anticipated by the children as we went on a walk to get to this vantage point. Leaving 10 minutes into class, we hiked across the bridge to the opposite side of the lake. Our viewpoint now looked back toward the museum. We settled in under one of the covered picnic areas and got into the watercolor pencils and paints. The kids learned a lot this week about watercolor painting, "En Plein Aire", and drawing in general. By the end of the week, they all were mixing greens instead of simply using the Pthalo Green on their pallette. They were very focused on this day and we all had good work to show for our labors.
We were even visited by a gentleman that was bike riding and taking a break from the heat. He said I hope I am not disturbing you and I replied that we all knew that in painting in the fresh air could mean people would come talk to us while we were working. I really love this part of painting outside and this is the reason I paint at shows when we travel. I enjoy interaction with the public, and they get to see that I really do paint what is hanging on my walls at the many shows.

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