Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh Baby!

Once again, I am taking on the 100 days~100 paintings. Todays first entry is no surprise to those who are familiar with my work. It is appropriate that the first entry is a baby turtle. It also is no surprise that it is also a part of my sepia series. The sepias started last year as a response to people coming in my booth at outdoor shows saying, I love your work, but I don't know if that color will go on my wall. I painted 7 12x12 sepias and they sold that spring. The series took a small vacation while I focused on other projects~including a house thrown into the mix with a massive mosaic that covers several walls in our new bathroom. More on that later!
Baby turtles are always a favorite of mine. Our trip to Florida near Sanibel Island found us on a preserve where there were turtle nests being protected from intruders. The turtles always begin life with a struggle, breaking out of the eggshell, crawling and climbing out of the sand, only to find themselves in danger of being eaten by fish, seabirds, raccoons, and other assorted members higher than them on the food chain. Life for us is series of struggles too, but at least we don't have the additional worry of being consumed!
"Oh Baby!" Acrylic on Canvas 6x12 inches $75.00

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