Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wise beyond his years

Turtles are really a favorite of mine to paint. The species does not matter, Green, Loggerhead, Kemps Ridley have managed to swim into my studio at one point or another. I am really starting to get into the groove now of daily painting. This series promises to have a lot of beauty and many memories to write about!
The sepia series proved itself again this week by showing well and selling at LODA Artwalk in Mobile. I painted live and also sold at the same time. I am still so grateful to make a living as an artist, combining galleries, outdoor shows, and teaching into an income. Next week I will be teaching at the Mobile Museum of Art and I am excited. I love to see children and sometimes the adults that sneak into my classes have the "aha" moments. The light really begins to shine in these classes and they force me into a new way of thinking and growing myself! I can't wait to see what the new week brings, in both paintings and art created in the classes.
"Wise beyond his years" 24 x 36 $395.00

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