Thursday, July 28, 2011

A view from the Gazebo Thursday July 28

Finally, one that was actually completed on the proper day and posted to the blog. For those of you that are followers, I apologize for not being more prompt in posting. The paintings are being completed, just not the blogs that go with them!
This painting was done in the drawing class. We moved out to the gazebo in the rain and getting them out of the classroom. I love painting "en plein aire"! We laid down our pictures using a sketch and wash pencil and then wet them with our brushes to blend. The volunteer helpers have been the most fascinated with the watercolor pencils this week that I bought on sale at Michaels at 90 percent off! The children have used them as well, in watercolor class, drawing class, and in their journals.
I was quite pleased with this picture while I was doing it, and very happy with the results. One of the volunteers was enchanted with watching me work on it as were several of the children. They seemed as though they thought the picture from beneath my hand was almost magical in it's appearance on the paper. I am constantly explaining to them all that you have to keep drawing to get better at doing the best you possibly can. You can't just expect to pick up a pencil and have great art come from it! Art is a lot of work with only a few pieces completed that make you truly happy. I am delighted to encourage them all to be better at what they do, even if they don't think they are "good" at it! You only get "good" by practice, practice, practice and then practice some more!

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