Friday, July 8, 2011

Magical Pair

Magical Pair is two green turtles swimming side by side. This painting is a special request from someone down in Orange Beach wanting a painting for their condo. It measures 20 x 40 and is my husband Chris's first real foray into making stretcher bars custom for a painting. He did a beautiful job and I am so grateful for a spouse that is both supportive and understanding in my still growing art business. I don't think I will ever get tired of painting turtles, their beauty and grace is just awe inspiring. I had a turtle turn around, come back and look hard at me through the glass at the aquarium in Tampa and it just took my breath away.
I have a special connection with turtles since I had an encounter while living in the Phillipines. My parents were night diving, (well my father was, my mother is respectful of the sharks!) My mother told me to go to bed on the beach. This was easier said than done as there was a burning barrel on the beach that was quite bright with a large fire. My "bed" was a towel on the sand under a parachute attached to the side of the cliff. I tried desperately to drift off with my back to the fire. I kept feeling sand getting flipped on me and I asked them to please stop! This happened again and again and I finally turned over and realized there was a turtle in the tent with me building a nest! Her focus was completely on her task at hand and I ran screaming from the tent breathlessly telling my mother what was happening. The turtle was allowed to finish her matronly duties and we moved the "tent" to another spot on the beach away from the nest. Hence the connection and love I have for all turtles. "Magical Pair" 20 x 40 acrylic on canvas $395.00

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