Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sailfish Play

I am never ceased to be amazed while watching animals at play. They all seem to do it, we just have to slow down enough to watch them ourselves. Anyone who has stopped to watch puppies or kittens at play has an endless source of joy. Just seeing them makes us smile. I love to watch my "girls" (3 dachshunds) in the backyard when they start to romp and chase. It usually starts with one just getting the "look" and suddenly, the jump, bite, and cut to the chase! They tear through the yard grinning from ear to ear, tougues flapping in the wind created by their sudden burst of energy. Take the time to watch, you are going to giggle a little. (Sometimes quite a lot) We had a sheltie that would play with our dachshunds when they were puppies. Soon the puppy would figure out that by getting under the ottoman, they could ambush the older dog.
When I teach a class, I encourage my students to play. This includes my adults too! Play means they must go home and in their favorite medium, experiment, push, have fun. I am delighted when students come back to the next class and show off their "fun" time. They know it will not be judged as being "art" or a finished piece. They do discover though that in having fun they are learning the medium and it's limits! They also sometimes discover that there are limits to what they are working with at the time. We all need to play,even if we are artists already! We can push ourselves to go into another medium and experiment~but most of all~PLAY!
Sailfish Play, 24 x 24 deep edge canvas, $295.00

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