Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bubbling Crab Monday July 25th

This project was enjoyed by the children at the Museum this week. It involved blowing bubbles into watercolor and popping them with their papers. All of the kids enjoyed this bit of fun and each did several pieces of paper. We added the crab the following day.
This week has been fun for me, although taxing! I have been there for a full day from 8 am~5pm and it has been a challenge. I have to get up with Christopher at 5:30 in order to wake up, read the paper, and walk the dogs before making the bed, lunch and out the door before 7 am! Our days have included watercolors, impressionistic Acrylics, Drawing, and Handmade Journals. We have completed several projects and have all had a grand time although freezing to death! (The museum this week has been extremely cold!)

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