Friday, July 22, 2011

The Painter Statue

This week finds me teaching at the Mobile Museum of Art. We are really all enjoying the art of painting "Plein Air". Plein Air is literally translated to mean in "Fresh Air" and we are soaking up loads of it. We painted in the Gazebo while overlooking the lake on the first day and the statue was our first subject. Each student has improved this week by leaps and bounds. They all seemed to have taken to this art form like the many ducks on the lake take to water. I am certain that we will be repeating this class next year. We should all take advantage of our local parks, grab our easels, paints and brushes and get out to work in the great outdoors. However, if it is summer in the south, you'd better add a hat, sun and bug screen, and water, lots of water!

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