Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mobile Museum of Art

I am very happy with this piece featuring my employer for the last 3 weeks! The museum is always a good painting to work on with the children in their watercolor class. These kid were ranging in age from 5 to 12 and they all enjoyed the 'plein aire'. Thaat is, if you remove the bugs, the heat, the lack of a bathroom facility outside, and I did not bring extra water for them to drink. We all sat on the driveway in front of the museum with some of the kids worrying that a car might come through the drive. I reassured them that we all were keeping a watchful eye for traffic. I also pointed out to them that the museum did not open until 10 am and we were out there at 8 am! All the 'bugs' aside, the paintings all turned out and everyone went home with a good learning experience. I always have an enjoyable time teaching at the Mobile Museum of Art and never fail to learn something about myself, a new technique, or happy giggling children in general.

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