Monday, August 22, 2011

Jumping for Joy

I photographed this dolphin while on a cruise in Orange Beach. We saw several dolphins on this trip and it really not money wasted. The guide said it was one of the best "shows" the dolphins had put on in a long time. They were so full of life and caused much joy on the boat as well. Their acrobatics started in the early part of the trip almost as soon as they heard the boats. I say boats because there are two of them that run side by side causing the water to churn between them. The children are guided to the rail first, so they can have the best view. I hung onto the railing, wrapping my leg around one of the supports while photographing,
I shot over 100 pictures that afternoon, grateful for a digital camera that my husband bought me 2 years ago for Christmas. I fought digital all the way, loving my 35mm but hating the wait for developing as well as the expense. I was delighted at how the photos turned out, filling my computer screen with lots of happy dolphins and water shots.
The guide explained to all of us that the dolphins were pink because they were happy. I imagine they were rather flushed with the heat as well, with the heat index over 110. I remember our daughter Jessica remarking about the pink blush and the dophins being happy. She said that must be why the animals at Sea World attack their trainers, they are not happy. She then explained that did not ever remember seeing them blush like that in any captive arena. I don't recall seeing them blush either. We really must work harder to make peace with our creatures that God puts in our hands.
Jumping for Joy acrylic on canvas 24 x 24

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