Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cruise to Nowhere

While Chris and I were in the keys a couple of years ago, we took a "Danger" cruise. This trip promised to have us kayaking, lunch, sailing and snorkling. The cruise itself involved more motoring than sailing. There simply was very little wind to push this rather large sailboat in the water. Being optimistic, the people running the cruise threw all the sheets to the wind, hoping to catch a breeze. We ended up using the motor so we could get in all the activities planned. Once we got to the Island, they gave us a crash course in kayaking before we hit the water. Chris and I were both experienced paddlers, so we were some of the first to get in the water. We paddled through the mangrove area of the island after passing over the seagrass beds complete with sea cucumbers and hundreds of fish.
Our trip ended with us getting in the water to snorkel at the Grecian Rocks. The grecian Rocks were a disappointment compared to the reef off of John Pennecamp. I highly recommend the reef there, it is the largest reef in the United States.
While traveling back, we had a wonderful lunch provided by the crew. I shot multiple pictures while on board and this painting is one of them. I love the feeling you get when looking at this painting hence the name, Cruise to Nowhere. I really enjoy a good hard sail and miss our sailboat Mariah. We have friends willing to take us, but it is never enough!
Cruise to Nowhere, Acrylic on Canvas 18 x 36

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