Friday, August 19, 2011

Waiting for the right moment

This Great Blue Heron hunts constantly behind the condos in Perdido Key near the Florida line. These birds are surprisingly losing all their sense of fear of man. This happens especially when there is food involved. Food to the Heron means fish. Hence, they hang around anywhere there is a line in the water hoping for a hand out! The fishermen are more than willing to accomodate them, throwing them whole fish that are too small to keep and not a bait fish. I noticed it was not just this heron, but every where there was a hook in the water, there usually was more than one of these large birds waiting.
Until we stop giving these creatures a free meal, we better watch out for the rush of wings at our backs. One of the kids fishing at the dock was quite surprised when ambushed one afternoon. He was fishing with no heron in sight, and as he tossed his fish onto the dock, it was quickly scooped up by the silent bird. The kid told me he nearly fell off the dock, he was so shocked! Fortunately, this one has not decided to attack a human for his meals.
Hopefully, the bird won't be blamed if he accidently pecks someone in the process of snagging his next meal!
Waiting for the right moment 6 x 6 deep edge canvas acrylic

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