Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Race to the Sea

Baby turtles will never lose their appeal with me. One of my goals in life is to see a turtle "boil". The hatching of baby turtles is called this because they look like boiling water with turtles forming the boil. Once hatched, they begin the race to the sea trying to beat the predators that wait for the next big meal. Seagulls, raccoons, snd red foxes. All try get to the babies as they run frantically to the tide. Once in the tide, they fall victim to the fish that are waiting off shore. They are also followed by the gulls.
The beaches on our coast have marked off areas that contain turtle eggs. if the nest is near civilization, the nearby residents are advised to sheild their lights from the hatching turtles. The turtles will run toward lights of any type, including cars thinking it is the moon guiding them to the sea. There is a story around here about a woman who after a mass hatching was killed by passing cars, took the skeletons and put them all over her yard as a remembrance.
Hopefully I will get to see this feat of nature in my lifetime.
Race to the Sea 14 x 28 Acrylic on canvas

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