Saturday, August 13, 2011

Say it to my Face!

Have you ever said something about someone and then regreted it? I know in my lifetime, I have hurt feelings of others without thinking. I am not a malicious person, but have let my mouth open when it should have stayed shut! We deal with people on a daily basis and now, there is facebook to add fuel to the fire! I have seen arguments played out online, and it is not pretty. Sometimes stupid, petty things turn into huge fights that tear families and friends apart with all sides thinking they are in the right. Holidays become a nightmare. Have you thought out your e-mail, your post, your voice, before you publish it to the world? Have you regretted something you have done or said? We all need to be adults and have a lot more forgiveness and compassion in our lives. Have you asked for forgiveness? Have you forgiven and then forgot? Sometimes it is hard to do any of these things, and yet, we all need to do them!
Say it to my Face! 4 x 12 deep edge canvas, Acrylic.

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