Thursday, January 31, 2019

Another galaxy~ far away

I am still feeling like I'm in a another dimension here. It really is different, with all the sights , sounds, and smells hitting you from all sides at once. Riding is an experience, but let me tell about the restaurant we went to for lunch today.  It is called Juggernaut and is located in the Kalish Colony Market in New Delhi.

I cannot begin to tell you the names of things, but oh the tastes were amazing. This is by the way a vegetarian restaurant, all served with an unbelievable flair. We started with a drink that had crispy wafers served with it. I'm assuming it was to start your meal off right, because this is served to everyone that comes to eat there. Small glass with a kick, I am sure I tasted tumeric, and several other spices within all in a hot, spicy, drink that was delicious. I think Bappa and his family were surprised to see me drink it with no problems. The wafers were light and crispy, and just enough to temper the spices. We then went on to another course with a soup in a light broth, served with several different curries. I liked the red curry most of all. We then went on to our vegetable stew, several vegetables cooked with a creamy coconut based thick broth. The stew was served with a bread that closely resembles a crepe, lightly browned on one side only. I also tried and enjoyed a vegetable cake that tasted like it has sweet potato in it that you dipped into a yogurt type dressing. Too many things to eat, and several hours later, I am still satisfied. We finished off the meal with steaming hot cups of coffee, that when poured into a bowl and swirled around becomes cool enough to drink. All reasonably priced and served with lots of flair and a beautiful setting.

Speaking of setting, I wanted to photograph the entire space we were in. (I didn't though, because I didn't want to be that tourist!) Incredibly beautiful murals painted on the walls, with gorgeous medallions depicting people at work in the fields. The furniture was painted as well, with lots  of incredible flowers. there were also baskets of flowers at every corner.
I would love it if we went back!

Today's painting seems like kind of a ho hum creation after seeing Juggernaut. Another galaxy of starfish ~ far away in India!

Another galaxy~far away, Acrylic on canvas, 12x24
day 55 of the 100 days~100 paintings Spring 2019

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