Thursday, January 10, 2019

Octopus squared

My technical non-savvy continues.......
I cannot control my angst when I am having technical difficulties. I want to throw things, 
say bad things, and generally become mad at the world. When I turn on the computer, I simply want it to work.  I don't want to have to troubleshoot, unplug, count to ten, etc. etc. etc..... I am the same way about the internet and don't get me started about my phone! My phone reception is dicey at best as of late. The Water tower to the South of us was worked on a couple of years ago, and now, they are working on the one in the North. The cell phone towers have been removed to ground level and are now a nightmare as far as my reception is concerned. I used to be able to carry on conversations, text, and What's Ap all in my studio. My phone call got dropped so much the other night, I had to go outside and sit in my car to get a signal. Maybe I put off too much electricity for the devices around me. I miss the times when I would pick up a device, and it would work.

Rant over, I promise!

I helped our oldest begin moving into their new home today. I am looking forward to being able to take all the stuff from her studio that is in mine, over to hers. I know she will enjoy not having to live a disjointed life as well. Not knowing where they will live next, or how long. Hopefully this will be the last move for a long time, They have moved overseas, to home, to Birmingham, to Saraland in an apartment and now to a brand new home in Saraland. All in the past 4 years! 
It has been a walk down memory lane, going to her new home as it is just off Celeste Road. 
We have traveled Celeste many times, headed for Girl Scout Camp and many adventures.

I hope all had a great day, and a better night.
Until tomorrow I bid you Adieu!

Octopus squared, Acrylic on canvas, 24x24
Day 35 of the 100 days~100 paintings Spring 2019

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  1. Well your painting is sending a strong signal at least! Love this.